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Choosing The Right Playhouse For Your Child

Mercia designs and manufactures an extensive range of playhouses to suit a range of age groups. We offer a fantastic range of playhouses in various sizes and styles to suit every need and garden size. Some of our playhouses include single or multi levels, internal lofts, or are part of an activity set.

When choosing a playhouse you need to consider how much space you have available and how many children are likely to be using the building. Our smallest playhouses can fit in almost any garden and are great for one or two children to play in. Whereas our larger playhouses, especially when these are raised and attached to play and activity sets, are best suited for small groups of children in larger gardens.

The area where the playhouse will be place needs to be firm, flat and ideally in sight of the main house. The playhouse should not be placed near damp areas, or close to poisonous plants. You should also avoid placing the building near sharp corners, walls or other garden equipment.

Most of our playhouses come with a floor, so in most cases all you need to do is to make sure the site is clear, firm and level. We recommend that you place your playhouse on a concrete base, and if you have a large garden and the playhouse is going to be exposed you may want to anchor or store it away during the winter months.

General specifications include safety hinges on the door and shatter-proof styrene windows. Playhouses with raised floors are fitted with safety rails; this includes verandas and internal loft areas. All of our playhouses have been designed in compliance with the European Standard for the Safety of Toys EN-71.

Our playhouse towers are constructed using a four leg support system. If you are unsure about the firmness of the ground where you are planning to place your playhouse tower, or if your wish to make a permanent base, we recommend that you set the legs of the tower into concrete. For more information please take a look at our Placing Your Child's Playhouse guide.

We advice our customers to treat their playhouse shortly after purchase; this will protect the product against wood rot and weathering. We stock a range of treatments and shades to help you protect and personalise your child's playhouse with their favourite colour, for more information Click Here!

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