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Installation FAQs

Here you'll find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions




  • Q. Will you deliver and install my building on the same day?

    • A. We don’t deliver and install your building on the same date as we want to give you the opportunity to be 100% happy with your new building. This also allows you time to get a suitable and level base ready.

  • Q. Is my base suitable?

    • A. A suitable base must be solid, 100% level and flat. If you are unsure of which base to choose for your building check out our handy Build a Base How to Guide.

  • Q. What can I expect from my installation?

  • A. 
  • In order for the Installation Team to proceed with installing your new product we need to ask you to fill in and send back the Installation Preparation and Booking form.
  • Please return the completed form either; using the self addressed envelope provided, or send the completed form back to us via the email to
  • Once we’ve received the completed form a member of our installation team will contact you within 48hours to arrange a suitable installation date.
  • The fully trained installation team will arrive at an agreed time and will ask if you have any questions before they begin their work
  • When the team has finished, they will ask you to check over the product to ensure that you are completely happy with the installation
  • All debris and rubbish will be removed from site after the installation has been carried out by our team.


  • Q. Will the installation team treat my building?

    • A. 

      If your building comes pre-treated, then this will be done in our factory (check the product description if you are unsure). The installation team will put up the building ensuring to install windows and roof felt, however they will not treat your building. You will need to treat your building within 3 months, for more info go to our How to Guides.  

  • Q. I bought shingles, will the installation service add shingles to my building aswell?


    • A. The installation team will install your shingles at an additional cost, please contact the install team directly if you would like to add shingles installation to your order.


  • Q. What maintenance is required on my building?



For more information regarding our buildings or the installation service please don’t hesitate to give us a call on:  01636 821215 or by email us:


Thank you for your considerable help with regards to our new log cabin. We visited your Showsite back in September, bought a log cabin and then couldn't get a base sorted! You were more then kind enough to hang on to our new cabin until February. As you can imagine this was a great, great help.

Mr Alan, Northamptonshire