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Fence Buying Guide

A fence is the most popular way of marking a boundary. It’s fairly easy to put up and it’s cheaper than building a wall (although you will have to pay for the costs of treating the timber regularly to protect it against weathering).

If privacy is important to you, there are plenty of options to choose from, especially lap panels and closeboard fences, that will give you good screening. It there are strong prevailing winds where you’re planning to put your fence, try to choose one with an open rather than a solid structure (like a picket fence), so it doesn’t blow down.

Lap Panel Fences

Mercia manufactures and stocks the following Lap Panels:

Lap panel fences are popular because they are easy to put up, provide excellent screening and offer great value for money. The ready-made panels fit between posts that are cemented into the ground. These panels usually come in standard widths of 1.83m and heights of 0.9m-1.83m. Treat your fence regularly (at least once a year) with a wood preservative to keep it looking good.

Closeboard Fences

Mercia manufactures and stocks the following Closeboard Fences

A closeboard fence is made from vertical boards that are tapered on one side. These are nailed onto horizontal arris rails secured to the pos. It gives you plenty of screening and security. The vertical boards make a sturdy fence that helps keep intruders out.

Picket Fences

Picket fences are made from a row of vertical pales with rounded or flat tops. As they are usually no more than 1.2m high, you’ll normally see these at the front of a house as a attractive boundary mark than for screening.

Combination Trellis and Lap Panel Fences

You can add a trellis to the top of a panel fence to increase its height. Why not train climbing plants on the trellis? This creates a less stark effect than a solid fence, and provides shade and privacy.

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