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Garden Building Shingles Uses and Installation

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Shingles have been used as a decorative feature on a log cabin for many years. Roof shingles are a type of roof covering used on Log Cabins and Summerhouses, and are laid using overlapping technique. This method shields the log cabin or summerhouse from rain, sleet and snow whilst enhancing the roof’s sturdiness and life-span. Shingles are not for decorative purposes but also for protecting it against natural elements. Formerly, shingles were made from wood, ceramic or asbestos. Shingles are now manufactured from several other materials and the most common used is asphalt. These come in either rectangular or hexagonal tiles and can only be used in slanted roofs using an overlapping technique, in turn producing a double layered effect. We stock shingles made from heavy duty felt (asphalt) with an adhesive back for better and long lasting adhesion. We choose to stock asphalt tiles because of its light weight, strong, flexible and durable qualities.

Before installing shingles

It is important to remove the previous layer of shingles. Remember to make sure that no gaps are left between tiles, all tiles must overlap each other. To ensure that no water is collected in the gaps nor inside the building (during installation), we advise you to install the shingles in dry weather. When installing we advice that you use Clout nails as these do not get corrugated. Clout nails can be purchased in all major DIY stores.

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