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Wooden Shed & Summerhouse Maintenance

The life of your wooden garden shed or summerhouse will be prolonged by regular ongoing maintenance and timely repairs.

Simple Maintenance Tips:


Once your Garden Shed or Summerhouse has been installed it will need to be regularly maintained in order to prevent the timber from deteriorating. Treat the outside of your Garden Shed or Summerhouse with a high quality timber treatment or wood stain, this will need to be repeated at not less than annual intervals.

Some areas more exposed to, and likely to be most affected by, the weather may need recoating on a regular basis - i.e. fascia boards or overhangs where the rain runs off and corner joints.

Natural Shrinkage

The timber used in the construction of your Garden Shed or Summerhouse will have retained some of its natural moisture content. The moisture content of the timber will vary, depending upon prevailing environmental conditions, which will result in the boards either expanding or contracting naturally. As the boards dry out further shrinkage may occur.

As wood is a natural product it is also likely you may notice small splits and cracks in some components or holes may appear where knots shrink and fall out these can be filled using a suitable flexible wood filler, this will not affect the structure of your Garden Shed or Summerhouse.


The Styrene glazed windows and doors are not sealed for delivery or as part of the installation. Glazing panels will be covered with a protective film which should be removed only after the building has been treated or stained.

The film can be cut by running a sharp blade around the window frame and then peeling the film away from the Styrene.

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